I'm Samridhi

I am a recent graduate who started an entry-level position as a Front-end Web Developer and Designer. I'm passionate about what I do. Here is some further information about me.


About Me

Front-end Web Developer
& Designer

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Hello! I am Samridhi Vashisht. Front-end Developer and Designer.

I graduated from the collage of Mohali in 2021 with a degree in Computer Science Engineering. I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React through the Bootcamp curriculum. I am fascinated by web development problems that improve the user experience over the long term.


Front-end Web Developer

I'm a front-end developer with good knowledge of Html, CSS, JavaScript, and React. I'd build my project with these skills and API keys to make them responsive for browsers. I have a passion for both personal growth and software development. I attend online courses to learn these languages. Ready to apply my passion for coding to a talented engineering team to develop quality solutions.

Web Designer

In my experience as a software engineer and programmer, I have designed, developed, and enhanced websites. The design of user-friendly websites that adhere to guidelines and standards, are easy to navigate, and are easy to understand begins with a thorough understanding of the user's experience.


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